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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Significants of Wedding Rings

After choosing your life partner, the next thing is to find a wedding ring that is as nice as the person who is going to wear it for years to come. In the words of Louis K. Anspacher, marriage is that relation between man and woman in which the independence is equal, the independence mutual, and the obligation reciprocal.

As soon as you hear the term marriage, the thought of the wedding ring strikes your mind. Such is the emotional and sentimental value attached to the wedding ring. So, it is natural that you select an exclusive and above-the-ordinary model.

Go for a gold or platinum ring if you really wish your wedding ring to stand apart from the ordinary. Regarding the patterns, you can choose a ring with three interwoven rings, which are symbolic of the three Christian virtues of 'faith, hope and love'.

You hold your wife dear to your heart; gather an magnificent wedding ring with some really wonderful designs. You can bet that she will simply love your gift as it is no ordinary ring but a symbol of your eternal love and enduring marriage.

You can create a good impression by picking a ring with those designs she loves. There are rings with Floral designs, Interwoven ones, Handmade or Rolling, Two-Tone or Tri- Color designs.

Normally, a woman's wedding ring is slim and sleek than a man's. So, you can check with the jeweler if there are designs exclusively meant for women, say for example, designs such as the Comfort and Engraved rings. At the same time, if she likes to wear something exotic, go for a ring highlighting Medieval designs or Celtic themes.

How to select the best Wedding Band for your Marriage

Marriages are finalized and to make this day unforgettable in every person's life, certain customs have been followed since time immemorial. One of such customs is wearing a wedding band. Even after the fun and gaiety of the marriage fades away, the shine and glitter of the wedding bands remains the same, reminding you of the wedding vows of eternal love.

Similar to wedding rings, wedding bands are special to you, you can choose from the best in the market. Many leading stores offer you a wide variety of wedding bands to choose from; for example, if you like your jewelry to be glittering and bright-colored, opt for a rosy-pink or yellow-gold shade for your wedding band. You can also opt a platinum band if you want to gift an exotic wedding gift to your partner.

Check if your partner loves stone-studded jewelry? Then, opta band with glitt
ering diamond stones. Eternity wedding bands are a perfect complement to your engagement or wedding ring.

To add more uniqueness to your wedding band, you can choose a common element for wedding bands. Even though the designs may not match, you can choose the same metal for bands for both of you.

Once you have decided as to the metal that the band should be made of, approach a leading and trustworthy jeweler. He would provide you with catalogs of magnificent collections of wedding bands, such as Celtic or Trinity wedding bands, exquisitely carved and designed to rightly make your wedding unforgettable and the most cherished memory of your lifetime

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Jewelry Designing As A Hobby

A jewel designer needs to be creative and have a vivid imagination. Any artist for that matter has to be attuned to new and unique ideas. Artists and creators, who want to sell their products, should have the confidence that their designs and artwork will be liked enough by others to buy them. This is a great challenge.

    • Working with metals requires special equipment and knowledge of how to use them. Melting the metal and crafting it into designs and polishing is best done by professional designers. However, for people who design jewelry as a hobby and as gift for their near and dear ones, there is a wide range of other options.

    • Threads of different colors, wires and tiny, odd articles designed out of metal,glass or plastic, ceramic, epoxy, crystals, beads and commonly available gemstones are all great materials to create jewelry from. If the jewelry is being created as gift, the character, likes and dislikes of the person to whom it will be gifted should be kept in mind. Bracelets, necklaces, pendants, key chains, brooches, tie clips are few of the different types of jewelry that can be easily made.

    • A good source for tools and materials for jewelry designing would be exhibitions of gems, beads and rocks. Many clubs and organizations regularly host such shows as a window to exhibit the work of their members and artisans. Such shows are also great places to identify designers and artisans who can teach new techniques for jewelry designing.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Five most precious stones.

Five most precious stones.

Emerald – a very rare precious stone. It is sometimes considered valuable than diamond. While most other gemstones can be found in deposits of gravel along rivers, emerald is found in the rock, where it was formed. Emerald is a rare form of the mineral beryl, which is present in abundance.

The most prized emeralds are those with a vivid grass-green tone. Unlike other stones, flaws in emeralds do not undermine their value, since it is extremely rare to come by perfect specimens.

one of the oldest known precious gems, it adorned not only the rich and beautiful, but also poetry through the ages. The value of the ruby has only appreciated with time, so as its rarity.

The rubies of the highest quality have a characteristic purplish red color and are called pigeon blood rubies. Fine specimens of ruby are more valuable than a diamond of the same size and character. The best pieces are found in Northern Burma, which still remains the largest source of rubies.

Sapphire – is technically the same as ruby formed of the same minera
l, corundum. In contrast to the ruby, which is the red corundum, the sapphire spans a range of colors – blue, yellow, pink and green. Normally, sapphires with a deep blue with black to a light blue tinge are highly prized.

Sapphires are abundant than rubies and are therefore not as expensive. T
he stones with the deepest and darkest colors are considered as the finest specimens. However, the green sapphire is considered to be the most precious of all stones, than even the emerald, which is also a green gemstone.

Pearl – is not exactly a stone, but a layered, calcareous, crystalline deposit formed by pearl oysters. The finest pearls are perfect spheres and are highly iridescent. Pearls are made of translucent layers of calcium carbonate in crystalline form and the light reflected or refracted by the layers gives them their luster. Natural pearls occur in the wild without any human intervention and are very rare. These are called nacreous pearls and are produced by two groups of molluscans.

However, most of the pearls available today are cultured pearls that are formed due to human intervention. Pearls are actually a form of self defense emplo
yed by the clams against external bodies and irritants, by enveloping them in fine layers of nacre.

Diamond – is a curious and resplendent substance, both as a gemstone and
as a compound. It has a unique crystalline structure that endows it with its remarkable physical properties such as the characteristic hardness and sparkle.